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Pre-Qualified Appointments placed on your teams’ calendar:

VSF incorporates a unique software architecture that handles the meeting reminders, remote caller management that is built on top of a highly efficient prospecting CRM.  Each scheduled meeting will set in motion a series of email reminders that are sent to both the attendee, sales rep and your reps.  Assigning the sales rep to the appointment will be added by you after the appointment has been taken and then disseminated to your field reps via emails sent from our systems.  All emails that are sent to the external meeting attendees will come from an email alias and contain only your graphics.

Virtual Sales Force is a great fit for companies like yours that need help with outsourced sales generation. Companies that are in need of a fully functional sales department that can hit the streets running.   We align our service offerings so they are a fully transparent operational unit within your sales department.   A Virtual Inside Sales department supported by Virtual Management.  All of our outbound calls are recorded and we use manual dialing to achieve a personal relationship right from the start.   VSF will perform the sales management for both our inside caller team(s) as well as, making sure the outside field sales reps follow through with the meetings and document the results of the meetings and provide next steps and revenue potential for sales forecasting.



Virtual Sales Force has been providing Appointment Setting services to companies like IBM, Sun, NetApp, Cisco, Motorola and many others. VSF provides the following “types” of callers:  offshore, Jr N. America. Sr. North America and U.S. based mid. level business development agents who have recent experience calling into your chosen sector/industry.  Our agents are extremely professional and will reside in a home office location under remote management.


Virtual Sales Force (VSF) will provide your company with an additional level of Sales Management.  In other words, our profits are directly tied to the revenue results of the campaign and so we have a vested interest in making sure the meetings lead to revenue.  VSF will coordinate the efforts of our caller(s) and your chosen Outside Field Sales organization.   While providing daily reporting back to your company.  We will ensure that the meetings are highly qualified, COMPLETED and that the field sales organization is providing timely feedback to your management regarding next steps and accurate forecasting.   This coordination will be done via the VSF Email reminder engine and confirmation phone calls to the attendee and assigned sales rep.

Why Choose VSF – It’s our Agents

1.        All of our agents are experienced in building rapport over the phone quickly, delivering a professional message, taking accurate notes and over-coming objections.

2.       All of our agents are paid an incentive based on setting quality appointments.  Agents are responsible for completing appointments – can’t be pushy or appointment will not complete

3.       We do not operate a Brick and Mortar Call Center but provide the same infrastructure including call recording, elaborate CRM and agent management

4.       Our sales process work flow methodology encompasses all of the necessary components to find and pre qualify new business – ensuring that appointments are not only qualified but they complete!!

5.       Our systems are fully transparent to our clients

Cancellation – if for any reason your company is not 100% satisfied with the performance of the VSF agent, another agent will be provided of equal or better quality.   All unused pre-paid hours and any unused success fee retainers will be refunded.  Every attempt will be made to ensure the success of the campaign.  Our objective is to retain you as a valued client and continue on an ongoing basis as a valued part of your sales team/process.

The differences between VSF and our competitors

Virtual Sales Force hires Business Development agents that will provide your company with the most professional representation and highest Return On Investment (ROI). All appointment calls are recorded and can be made available via our FTP site.  We will also provide updated data, data cleaning and activity while making the outbound calls.  Our process ensures quality appointments that the attendee is expecting while updating the database of valuable contacts and notes.  Virtual Sales Force is confident that what we have proposed will provide you with the most cost effective approach to selling your company’s solutions, while maximizing your return on investment.

  1. Ongoing Sales Management
  2. We do not have the overhead of a Brick and Mortar Call Center
  3. All appointments are recorded
  4. We truly become an extension of your sales department.
  5. Only charge for completed meetings
  6. Agents are paid incentives based on qualified completed appointments
  7. Appointment reminders and iCal technology ensures appointments complete
  8. Closed loop sales methodology – continuous monitoring of sales reps back to reporting
  9. Complete Transparency 24×7 with campaign access to all records

We have a proven methodology to initially pre-qualify, set a meeting for a specific date/time, remind, confirm and provide nightly reporting and/or updates to your our /yourCRM.  We’ll even follow up with your rep post-meeting for feedback, next steps and revenue opportunity.

We can also provide a comprehensive and user friendly CRM if you don’t have one.

Integrative Marketing – Maintenance Contract Renewal Email Reminder Proposal

A service that I would like to recommend for your campaign is Integrated Marketing.  Set up a series of customized email reminders that are queued from the date of the renewal.   One of the tangible benefits of the call campaign is that the data can be used for ongoing marketing.  Once the renewal date is known and we can document what product they have installed,  we set up an email tickler that is queued based on the date of the renewal. For example setting up custom IBM Blade Server nurture emails that goes out 4 months before the renewal that delivers 4 unique renewal specific messages once a month and also notifies the assigned sales rep of the upcoming renewal.  See more under Maintenance Renewals  Each email would contain several links to a landing page and from there the person can schedule an appointment to talk to a rep.

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