ConnectAndSell “De-Risks” VC Backed Technology Companies


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“funded” startup’s looking to quickly size up their product market territories or go to market quickly don’t want to incur the high cost of hiring a direct sales rep team to make the cold calls. Initially this work can be performed by utilizing an Outsourced Sales Resource firm like Virtual Sales Force located in Denver, CO. VSF uses U.S. and offshore Business Development resources and works well with ConnectandSell. VSF also integrates dynamically with the CRM. VSF can provide the sales staff these start up firms desperately need to quickly hire and train. Use ConnectandSell to achieve more conversations per hour and use VSF to pre-qualify for need and set appointments. Working together we provide a fast-track to the next generation of start up’s looking to create new sales and market awareness for their companies.

VSF can be reached at 303-798-0776 for more information, check out the website.


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