Caller Training

Login –

Duplicate Records –

Record Suppression –

Setting an Appointment –

Assign an appointment to a sales rep –

Sending Emails –

Adding record to a drip email “Nurturing” campaign –

Live Confirmation Process –

Background Suppression (UCFS) –

Call back on a record already dispositioned as a call back –

Turning off post-appointment reminders –

Admin Training

Import from an Excel –

Setting up a User Defined Field (UDF) –

Assigning records in Bulk –

Producing Total Records report using date range  –

MailJet –

System Enhancements for Evan Phase 1

Batch Email queue release link

iCal Response logic

iCal response text put into system notes

System Enhancements for Evan Phase 2

Client list below – allow another 5-7 hours to complete?

  1. Ability to Grey out and the option of adding new Call Dispositions in the Campaign Setup.  Also wants to Call Disposition name changed from “Call Back” to “Scheduled Callback” keeping existing logic. – adding call new call dispositions The way UDF’s are available in the campaign set up screen is like the Call Disposition request from Client – UDF
  2. Sub-Admin given additional capabilities that only ADMIN has now.
    1. Allow sub-admin Search Results save to new lead group and save to existing lead group options currently only available to ADMIN to show up on Sub-Admin screen – search results = save to new lead group and save to existing leadgroup    Completed
    2. Allow sub-admin ability to make campaigns inactive that they are authorized to access (ADMIN can do this now)  Completed
    3. Allow sub-admin to create new UDF’s  Completed
  3. Make 2 UDF’s mandatory – if not changed it prompts them to type something new in those fields. Completed
  4. Ability to assign records within from search results – Assign records in bulk from search screen      Completed
  5. Internal CB reminder as small pop-up to caller if log’d in but still assigned to the campaign.  Right now we send an email on the Call Back logic, I would like to see if we can make this an “internal” pop-up reminder with the URL that takes the Caller to the record.
  6. Re-organize the SQL Reports – Completed
  7. When you “click here to insert notes” above the notes field, the client wants the cursor to automatically go the the first line after the caller name.  Currently the cursor seems to go to the end of the last note.  So the caller can just start typing and not have to click in the notes field before typing.

System Enhancements for Evan Phase 3

“Remove Assignment” drop down change to “Change Assignment”

Create path to get from UDF select screen in sales campaign to create new UDF in admin UDF screen

Make notes field a mandatory field?  Ask LGI if they want the dial attempts field to be mandatory if already populated.

When copying campaigns can we display in a checklist all users with access to the older (copied) campaign and allow the admin to de-select users?

Part 1 Global emails file attachments are not working – I can attach a file but when I preview in the campaign there is no attachment.  Having to attach files in campaign and they are not shown so when I copy a campaign I can easily be sending the wrong attachment

Part 2 Ability to copy global email.  Currently can only create a new email.

forward to 2 other email addresses.  Currently it’s forwarding only to   I would like to add and

File Permissions to replace start up logo- Permissions to change start menu logo –

Import – filename not showing CSV file location ( to get here open for Mark Golden login,  using FTP, select  filename-eleadgenerators, HTDOCS, VSF Console, above choose vsf (there is a subdirectory csv-import) drag .csv file into this filename, must refresh the import by backing out of the import screen and going back in to see the file name,  –

Bird Dog email supposed to be firing off every day after appointment was supposed to complete.

Dedupe after checking off records can EITHER add notes OR change call dispositions.  Can we do both at the same time?

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