Data Building and Profiling

Virtual Sales Force creates the best prospect lists to get the best sales results for your company.

  • We develop new business lists based on your company’s needs and goals. Our business development agents build lists utilizing creative  methods on the web and through direct phone calls. The agents compile qualified  contacts from companies your sales team wants to target.
  • We offer list scrubbing services to remove obsolete  companies or contacts from lists you may have already compiled. Why use your  sales team’s precious time chasing dead ends by dealing with wrong numbers and  uninterested people?
  • Throughout the whole list building process, you will have  full access to all reports and comments entered by our business development  agents. Virtual Sales Force means total transparency for sales management.

The business development agents at Virtual Sales Force conduct phone interviews to gather information on behalf of our clients. Our agents validate all contact information and ask the prospect if they would participate in a brief survey. Our survey questions generally relate to installed equipment, buying habits, timeframes for future purchases, and problems with current providers. Information from these phone interviews is compiled and made available to the client in the form of an Excel spreadsheet.

Profiling Approach

  • Profile 200+ companies
  • Identify and contact the appropriate titles found in the database
  • Determine the decision making process within the department
  • Deliver the value proposition
  • Qualify the prospect based on our intelligence worksheet
  • Obtain a referral to the appropriate contact within the organization
  • Request the appropriate contacts if valid contacts are not available

NOTE: Even when a suspect says no to the appointment, key information is collected, analyzed, and presented to the client for future nurture marketing activities.


Virtual Sales Force  will collect data during phone interviews. Agents will call each record and mark records as “correct contact” or “updated contact”. Correct contact reports can be uploaded   so the client can begin marketing to these new prospects before the completion of the tele-verification services. Contacts that no longer work at a company will be labeled “no longer there”. Phone numbers not in service will be labeled “no answer” or “disconnected”. If the contact person has changed, we will not work to replace the contact and their contact information unless this task is defined in the statement of work.

List building and data  cleansing services will make your data extremely useful and your lead generation campaigns much more successful and cost effective. List cleanup  validates the contact is still working with a particular company. Virtual Sales Force agents use Google Searches, Internet research, (Jigsaw), and switchboard  operators to validate and update contact information. Our agents endeavor to verify  the contact’s correct name, contact information and position within their  company.

Validation, Verification, Updating from VSF Tele-Verification from Jigsaw Lists

We use professional callers to validate and verify the contact information is correct.  We validate the contact name, title, address and phone number.  Updated information is compiled and sent via Excel report or can be automatically updated into your database via a web-service. Virtual Sale Force will retain all fields and provide comments in the notes.  The Data upload will consist of all contact information, notes, campaign name and lead source.  Additional field mapping from VSF to your database is available if client desires.      For more information please contact us.

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