About Window Book, Inc.

Window Book helps people in business be more profitable by using the mailing and shipping with the Postal Service more intelligently.

Window Book has enabled over 9,997 companies to produce over $39.5 billion dollars in postage statements and hundreds of millions of dollars in increased profits by using our postal software since 1988.

Window Book is the only postal software company that enables their clients to do all this:

  • Get certified for Intelligent Mail® Full-Service
  • Produce postage statements with a client and job or department and division, and permit balance tracking associated with them
  • Create postage statements from both Mail.dat® and non Mail.dat® mailing data
  • Utilize Mail.XML with FAST
  • Use Priority Mail Open and Distribute to drop ship mailers to go from analyzing a Mail.dat® file for the best Open and Distribute values to printing the Priority Mail Delivery Confirmation labels and tracking their delivery in an automated system
  • Mailers and shippers to keep a database of all postal activity that is used in reporting and integration to other systems
  • Reduce Manual Labor, Improve Accuracy, Save Time, Reduce Postage Costs, Provide Reports that enable management to make better decisions and provide many value-added options.
  • We offer a flexible subscription model that allows companies to pay only for what they use and ensures that we continually earn the opportunity to serve them
  • Users have confidence that they have the latest USPS rates, forms, and drop ship destinations. Subscribers have peace of mind knowing they can easily update their software via the internet

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