“Network Appliance is FINALLY in the game!”

I’m calling to announce the new NetApp NEBS Level 3 Certified, Redundant Storage System and to invite you to a 20-minute online presentation.  The presentation will show you how we can provide you with a NEBS level 3 certified solution from NetApp.

Features include:

  • 1st NetApp appliance that is NEBS level 3 certified
    • Designed for Telco Central Offices
  • Low Powered
    • Reduces Central Office power consumption (DC Powered)
  • Rack Dense
    • Two times as dense as the competition (20TB in 4u of rack space)
  • Full Featured, Redundant System
    • Dual power supplies, redundant RAID controllers, multiple cooling devices, etc.
  • NetApp Technology (Hardware & Software)
    • NetApp engineered hardware and software, need I say more!

Benefits include:


  •  NetApp Quality Engineered
  • Lower Power Consumption Without Sacrificing Performance
  • Takes Up Less Space In Your Central Office

CLOSE – If you are interested, we would like to schedule a 20-minute virtual presentation to discuss the benefits of the NetApp NEBS Level 3 Certified, Redundant Storage System.  Would you be interested in doing that?


Qualifying Questions:

  1. Approximately how many TB of data do you have at this location?
  2. Are there any initiatives to reduce power consumption or conserve space?
  3. What is your expected growth rate for storage over the next year (or how much is your total storage capacity)?
  4. What are you currently using for storage? (SAN, NAS, etc.)
  5. Are you experiencing any pains associated with backups (long windows, media failures, and corrupted data at restore)?
  6. Is there anyone else involved besides you in the decision making process (Their Role?)


  • Message:  “Network Appliance is FINALLY in the game!”
  • We are an OEM for NEBS NetApp system – Modify the hardware and adapt the NAS OS for Telco use
  • One of two prime Net App ESV’s (Embedded Systems Vendor) to be allowed to re-badge our logo on their gear.  IBM is the other one
  • Very low power, good performance and the world’s most widely adopted NAS Operating System


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