Datalink Plans To Acquire Incentra’s Reseller Business

byJoseph F. Kovar on

Hi would like to talk to you about our Active Dependency Resolution too for enterprise patch management for Linux and Solaris that can lower the operational costs of managing and deploying patches as well as greatly increase the productivity of your technical staff .

Updated with security patches on a regular basis, manage of deploying to infrastructure, enterprise tools Updated Connection Enterprise (Aduva), enterprise level tool that has key features, save money, reduce head count use tool in place of hiring another person to deploy patches. 15-20% of their time deploying patches reduces to 5% or less. Fully Automated or nearly fully automated. Brings down patches from various vendors, assurance of pre testing, back out as well. Full audit and security trail, who deployed when deployed, etc. Ongoing basis as new patches come in, system is being updated, can run a report against install base to see what servers have been updated, network view. Smart deployment too, shorten process or leverage in the most optimal way patches that are best for them. Most efficient and optimal way. Set parameters about how to update.

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