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Script Example

Data Updating from F500 list objective to get 3 high level contacts, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer from the same company.  Each receives a letter with the others mentioned in the letter.  Call campaign resumes after mailer has been received (about 1 week delay).

IBM Partner Appointment Setting Campaign Brief:  “Virtual Introduction” 2011

Did you know that it requires 5-15 phone calls to eventually find and talk live with a new prospect?

When salespeople are focused on quarter-to-quarter revenue they are missing the most important step of the sales process, the process of building a funnel.  Very quickly salespeople will lose focus and get too busy to canvass.   Ideally you want your salespeople to schedule face-to-face meetings with new prospects but realistically this won’t happen without a concentrated and focused effort on cold calling.   The best way to find new prospects is still the telephone.

We specialize in finding the hard-to-find prospect that is rarely in their office.  You know how busy these people can be and they are always in a meeting and have gate-keepers.  Virtual Sales Force uses highly skilled telesales professionals to first find the “right” people in the organization, then continue to call until we have spoken live and set an initial phone conversation for you to meet them virtually.   These “virtual-appointments” are ideal for finding prospects early, while they are testing the waters, before they have made a decision.  These prospects have been pre-qualified by our callers and have expressed an interest or need in your product area.   Prospects are primed and receptive to a telephone introductory discussion to further understand your offering.   Sure beats cold calling..

Our call centers have the latest in technology.  Complete notes are captured, customers are provide transparent access to the campaign via an internet portal.  We have subscriptions to Jigsaw, Harte Hanks and other prospecting databases.  Each appointment is recorded for training purposes but can also be reviewed just before making the actual prospect call and are available 24×7 from our FTP site.  The call centers have a combined history of over 30 years of tele-sales experience.

Campaign Explanation Sales Lead Generation – prospecting and pipeline fulfillment services. Virtual Appointments achieve 5 levels of qualification
Designed for IBM Distributors, IBM Business Partners, IBM Direct 
“ An effective use of Marketing dollars….” 






Receive pre-qualified warm leads….







… expecting my call on a specific date and time


You can spend marketing dollars on email, webinars, mailers, advertisement or tradeshows but you still have to get on the phone and further qualify.  Virtual Sales Force uses highly skilled telesales professionals to engage in initial conversations with prospects from your territory.  VSF primes them and creates a set appointment where these prospects are willing and receptive to an introductory discussion to further understand the appropriate IBM offering.Using a combination of tele-sales and the internet to ask permission, build trust and qualify potential buyers of your technology.  Our past success with companies like Sun, Sourcefire, IBM and Checkpoint will attest to the fact that this method of lead identification and qualifying WORKS!!!!


This approach focuses on generating immediate sales-leads in the form of scheduled appointments.


If the prospects you are trying to sell to are hard to reach IT, Network Security, Network Storage and Application Development decision influencers and decision makers, Virtual Sales Force is your outsourced prospecting partner.


Post-event updated territory contact database with notes on customer environment (optional) can be used for additional marketing


IBM Products Supported:


Our specialists are trained in the following IBM technologies:


Tivoli Access Manager (Identity Manager)

Tivoli Storage Manager (Disaster Recovery)

Lotus products including: – Portal (WebSphere, Java AppDev) eCollaboration (workforce product)

Industry Marketing (Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Life Sciences)


IBM Business Partner Bundle 







The latest in Call Center technology

  • 120 or 160 Hour Campaigns
  • Success Fee Based
  • Script Development / Targeted Marketing Services
  • Event notification / Reminder Services
  • Audio recordings
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Database Acquisition (Optional pass-through at our cost)
  • Post event:  Updated Contact list (Optional)


Our call centers have the latest in technology. Complete electronic documentation of caller notes and audio recording capabilities.  24×7 FTP site is made available to listen and make script changes at your convenience.   These audio files are great for training or reviewing just prior to making the actual prospect call.  The call centers have a combined history of over 30 years of tele-sales experience.


Pricing $2,750 plus success fees (scheduled appointments).  (Average campaign $7,000-$10k).  Includes script development, database (list) update/cleansing, appointment setting/scheduling, email event notification/confirmation, recorded calling.

IBM Co-marketing Partners that have eligibility for IBM Co-Marketing funds may apply these funds.
More Information Website   Sample leads available upon request.
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