About Us

Virtual Sales Force is an Intelligent CRM for Appointment Setting.  Our Cloud Based application provides your sales teams with the ability to conduct traditional sales CRM activities combined with Calendared Appointments and Reminders.

Or….you can contract with us to provide your company with a “virtual” selling team that can be deployed in lieu of hiring your own sales team or to supplement an existing sales team.  We will become an extension to your company.  We hire the types of sales people that you would love to hire but don’t have time to manage.  Our callers are located in the U.S. and Canada. Because we do not own a call center, we are able to pass the savings on to our clients.  VSF agents are managed remotely via VSF infrastructure software.  In addition to hiring great callers, we provide the essential application logic that enable the caller to efficiently prospect and conduct appointment setting with reminders, professionally and productively calling on your behalf.

Our virtual caller-agents have been hand picked based on their dedication, friendliness, phone skills and rapport building skills. Documentation accuracy, positive attitude, consistency and results. VSF caller-agents will conduct high quality first contact conversations while updating the database of valuable contacts and notes

We have done campaigns for these industries and more…

Cloud Computing Big Data – data analytic’s Storage Virtualization Online Banking and Fraud protection VMware Virtualization Managed Services (hosted) CMS and PACS Radiology Imaging (large storage) VOIP – Local and Managed Services IT Managed Services – Hosting for rackspace Security Solutions – Identity Management, security dashboards Website development Network and WiFi perimeter Security

We manage every campaign as if it were our own money being spent. We are careful to throttle hours so that they are used in the most efficient and cost effective ways possible. All of our agents are highly motivated and experienced Business Development professionals.  We prospect for new business on your behalf using the latest technologies for far less money with greater results AND full transparency. We uncover new business, freeing your sales team to focus on the 5% of the prospects in your database that are actively purchasing. Our VIRTUAL call center operates at a much lower cost.

  • Depending on list size we can use automation to increase connect rates
  • You provide a list or we can build a list
  • We build a script
  • We work with your sales people to find the optimum new business   opportunities and a time that is convenient for both parties to speak

Throughout the whole process, you will have full access to all records, reports and comments entered by our business development agents. Virtual Sales Force means total transparency for sales management.

Our professional and experienced business agents will conduct suspect cold calling for your sales teams, taking on the heavy lifting of finding and  pre-qualifying new business on your behalf. This allows your sales people to do what they do best – close the sale.  Virtual Sales Force provides your sales team with interested prospects who want to know and hear more about your  company’s products or services.

Virtual Sales Force is a team of business development specialists committed to giving your company the best pre-qualified appointments at the lowest costs.

Proprietary Cloud-based CRM application – Our software was developed over the past 20 years and is available to use on a per user basis.  Compare with Salesforce.com and other over-priced CRM’s on the market.   All emails coming from the CRM are from your email addresses.

We are not a call center – Call centers require high minimum investments to start even a small sales campaign. By having a ”Virtual” Sales Force you can add our extra sales power when you need it most, post-tradeshow, marketing blitz, cold call days and to develop new territories.  We will share the risk by offering our services on a partial pay-for-results basis. Sales appointments with decision makers who have expressed true interest in your products or services.

We secure the best agents – Our business development agents are selected on their ability to quickly and professionally build rapport with your potential client. Our agents are given incentives based on quality appointments set with appointments that complete.

We have your goals in mind – Virtual Sales Force will customize a sales campaign to your company’s current goals and products.  We warm the contacts to find decision makers who are interested in your products or services.  We send these pre-qualified appointments straight to your best sales people to further qualify and eventually close the sale.

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